🙌Tips for Creating Your Interactive Story


Step into Joyland's universe of interactive story. Here, you can create immersive, visually engaging stories that transport you and your player to entirely new worlds. We've designed this platform specifically for casual gamers, novel lovers, TV and movie enthusiasts, and fan fiction devotees.

🔮Unique Features🔮

  • Dynamic Experience: Tired of static, text-only adventures? Our platform brings your tales to life with real-time changes in the plot, background images, and characters.
  • Freedom of Choice: We offer three realistic options based on each scenario. Whether you choose left or right, the narrative evolves according to your decisions. We also support custom inputs for a truly personalized journey.
  • Immersive AI: Our advanced AI technology ensures a seamless experience, while our Memory-Spanning and Long-Form Writing Abilities consistently serve up coherent narratives.
  • Beta Stage Perks: Currently, we are in the Beta stage, and all these unique features are available entirely for free!

🛠️Creating Your Story🛠️

  • Step 1: Idea & Characters: Start with an idea and pen it down. Who are the main characters? What are their profiles? Fill in the details, including name, gender, age, and description.
  • Step 2: Avatar: Prepare a half-body image of your character. We'll handle image processing to make your character a constant presence in the story.
  • Step 3: Protagonist: Who's the "I" in your story? Make sure your protagonist is compelling enough that readers will want to step into their shoes.
  • Step 4: Storyline Setting: Outline your story's progression, including the beginning, conflicts, climax, and end. You have 1000 characters to define this section.
  • Step 5: Opening Scene: Craft an engaging start to your story. This section should detail the initial plot, the choices available to the player, and the opening scene background image.

🎁 Additional Features🎁

  • AI Assistance: If you're out of ideas, our AI can help! Complete the Character, Character Description, Protagonist Description, and Storyline Setting, then click 'generate' to have our AI create a prologue and three actions.
  • Brief Intro: This is your story's pitch to potential players. Make it stand out!
  • Visibility: Don't be shy! Your story deserves to be experienced by all. If you run into any issues or have any questions while crafting your story, our administrators are always available to help. Together, let's bring your wildest imaginations to life🚀!